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We have a wide range of beginner to expert boards available for hire, including short boards, long boards and body boards. At AWSM SURF we have knowledgeable and experienced staff who can advise you on which board would be suitable for you based on both your skill and the surf conditions that day.


Choose what you would like to hire!


Soft Board

Suitable for beginners, a soft sponge board with great buoyancy which is perfect for those not yet confident with their swimming skills. A safe and easy board to ride.

Short Board

Suitable for intermediate surfers. A great board to try tricks and quick turns in the powerful waves on the Gold Coast.

High Performance Short Board

Suitable for experienced surfers. AWSM Surf is the only shop where brands like Al Merrick and JS are available for hire.


Length:5'6 Width:18 3/4 Thickness:2 5/16

It's irresistible for ripping and quick turn lovers, "Al Merrick Supreme Masterpiece"

For intermediate level - experts surfers. ROCKET 9 is the all-round surfboard that can handle all conditions from soft waves of 2-3 ft to waves of 6 ft over. From weak beach break, one that enables speedy and drivey surfing in a wide range of environments such as leaf breaks and point breaks. Because it incorporates a squeezed swallow tail, it is easy to make a quick turn even on small waves of beach break. The recommended size is 2 inches shorter than the surfboard which I usually get used to ride.

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It's irresistible for ripping and quick turn lovers, "Al Merrick Supreme Masterpiece"

Fever Fever

Length:5'9 Width:18 5/8 Thickness:2 1/2

"All-round type speed star" corresponding to every condition

For intermediate level - experts surfers. Fever was born pursuing speed and drive ability. This model which adopted single concave and suppressive rocker is one of the features having wide sweet spot. With all-round model capable of dealing with every conditions of waves, the adoption of "Flex Bar Technology" realizes faster riding speed. From the small wave of about 2 ft, it shows its true value even at world class points over 6 ft including Snapper Rocks, Bells Beach, Jeffrey's Bay etc.

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It is exactly the hottest board right now, a board with a very high performance, and it is a board you want to bring with the mast, especially when the wave is good! The better the waves, the better this board will respond.

Dumpster Diver
Dumpster Diver Dumpster Diver

Length:5'6 Width:19 1/4 Thickness:2 1/4
Length:5'8 Width:19 3/4 Thickness:2 3/8
Length:5'10 Width:20 Thickness:2 1/2

Dane Reynolds produced "The Ultimate Hollow Wave Queber"

For intermediate level - experts surfers. Dumpster Diver featuring a short, wide outline that can cover from a small wave of knee to head size. The feature of this model born upon request from Team Rider Dane Reynolds is single concave and wider square tail. It is a design that adopted the narrow nose width and The Rookie's tail design, it also fits the slope of the barreled waves. Recommended size when ordering is slightly shorter than your height.

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Whether it is a small performance board rather than a high performance board, it will react quite well, so it is possible to take a lip action in the vertical direction. It is our most push board which can surf the same as the performance board we usually use.

Fred Rubble
Fred Rubble Fred Rubble

Length:5'11 Width:19 Thickness:2 5/16

Dedicated to the fan surfing lover, "Squash Tail Style Master"

For intermediate level - experts surfers. Fred Rubble featuring a volume that is lowered by a rocker and a wider outline. Waist ~ You can enjoy fan surfing with wave of overhead level. It is recommended to shorten about 2 inches more than the surfboard of common design which you are familiar with usually. It is also the point that squash tail and single - double concave are adopted.

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It is a perfect board for surfing with a good wave, especially for a contest.

Hoglet Hoglet

Length:5'7 Width:20 1/8 Thickness:2 3/4

For unique surfers, Al Merrick 's "the strongest alternative board"

With a wide range of nose and small rocker overall, you can enjoy fan surfing with a wave of head size from a small wave of the knee. Because it has buoyancy, paddling and riding are also stable and easy. It is also recommended for beginners and girls who are not experienced. For those of intermediate or higher level, occasionally it is the ultimate alternative board that you want to have if you are looking for a ride different from usual board.

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In short, it is a super fan board! It is particularly recommended for those who do not care about actions, who want to surf in relaxedly and who are pursuing just ease of riding.

OG Flyer
Boasting the largest best seller in the history of Al Merrick, "Magic All Round Board" (Coming Soon!)

For beginner - experienced surfers. The masterpiece model which became the biggest best seller in the history of Armerrick is this The Flyer. In 1999, based on feedback from team riders, it was born to pursue speed and flow. Overall sharp design boasts a record of success in the cypress stage such as world tour. Easy ride and all-round performance are also features of The Flyer.

Fun Board

Suitable for intermediate surfers. A board that is a bit different to usual! Great for those wanting to have a fun, relaxed surf.

Long Board

Suitable for beginners right through to the experienced. For those who want a relaxed, smooth ride.

High Performance Long Board

Suitable for intermediate and experienced surfers. At AWSM Surf you are able to experience the famous Australian Bob Mactavish long boards, don't miss this chance!

Body Board

Suitable for beginners, kids and females. Body boards are great for you to enjoy the powerful Gold Coast surf!

Wet Suits

We have wetsuits for both men and women in various sizes and for the different seasons.

Shark Banz

Shark deterrent wrist band. This band will repel sharks via a magnetic field allowing you to relax and enjoy your surf.



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